Speaker Presentations from 2014 Convention


Our Mission

Community Bankers of Washington's mission is to be the unified resource exclusively for the independent community banks in Washington State.

Exclusive Banking Perspective

Known as the "family of independent community banks", CBW was founded in 1989 to serve as a distinct and authoritative voice for independent community banks throughout the Evergreen State.  As the only trade association in Washington that advocates for independent community banks, we focus on banking issues from the community banker's perspective. Unlike other associations, our board of directors is made up entirely of successful community bankers who are highly respected by their peers. In the rapidly changing financial services marketplace, CBW is a strong, professional and dynamic association dedicated to providing our members with a competitive edge.

The Spirit of Community Banking

Community banking is not just about consumer choice, it’s a spirit that drives our entire industry. No other state association has firmer roots in our cities and towns. CBW’s member banks are proudly headquartered in local communities all over our state and our roots run deep.

Community banks employ thousands of women and men, provide convenient, personal financial services for today’s consumers, and they make banking decisions close to where customers live and work. That’s an important distinction in today’s marketplace. Further, community bank directors, officers, and employees not only take an active interest in their customers, they are part of the community and are deeply committed to the neighborhoods in which they serve. CBW believes these contributions to our communities are well worth preserving.

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